Lawn Tractors

Lawn Tractors

The thought of mowing your lawn can be discouraging, another chore to add to the list, an enormous job and time consuming, especially when you have a lot of land to cover. Cheltenham Mowers Ltd can show you a good time, mowing your lawn that is.

A tractor can put the fun back in to your lawn care again. If you have half an acre of land or more, a lawn tractor will get the job done quickly and efficiently. They are easy to handle, manoeuvrable, cutting around trees, you can raise the cutting decks so as not to damage the blades.  You can also select from a range of 4 wheel drive, hydrostatic, grass collecting and mulching.

Accessories or attachments are becoming increasingly popular depending on which model and make you purchase; John Deere, Westwood, Mountfield, Al-Ko are just a few of the major manufacturers you could add an attachment to. An attachment can convert your garden Tractor into a dethatcher, grass collector, scarifier, leaf and grass sweeper, sprayer or spreader. 

Feel free to have a browse through our categories, to purchase the right mower for you and your lawn.

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