Westwood F250 4TRAC 4 Wheel Drive Garden Tractor with 48" Rear Discharge Cutter Deck & Hydrostatic Transmission

The Westwood F Series lawn tractors all feature Kawasaki twin cylinder petrol engines, hydrostatic (automatic) drive and the added bonus of heavy duty four wheel drive.

Many British gardens have banks, slopes or areas where a traditional 2 wheel drive tractor is not suitable to go. If your ground can get waterlogged or you have sloping areas than 4 wheel drive is essential. The main features of the Westwood 4TRAC system are Dynamic Traction Control and Electronic Slope Alert.

The Dynamic Traction Control senses where grip is required and applies the right amount of drive to the wheels. Electronic slope alert provides both an audible and visual warning before an incline is too great for safe mowing to continue.

The Westwood F250 4TRAC has a powerful 726cc Kawasaki engine and comes fitted with a large 48 inch XRD rear discharge deck. This highly efficient re-inforced cutting deck uses 3 contra-rotating blades which cut the grass and direct the clippings towards the rear of the machine. If using the optional 300 litre powered grass collector then the clippings will be drawn there ready for emptying later.


  • 4WD Drive : Westwood 4TRAC technology designed to provide extra grip on slopes, inclines and in wet conditions.
  • Dynamic Traction Control : Avoids scuffing and skidding by varying the speeds to the front wheels as the tractor turns, the outside wheel moves faster than the inside to compensate.
  • Electronic Slope Alert : Gives an audible and visual warning when the slope is too steep for safe mowing.
  • Operating Management System : On board dash display of relevant information like the deck height, engine speed (RPM) and low fuel. If the engine speed falls too low whilst cutting dense grass the display will tell you so you can reduce your speed or raise the cutting deck height.
  • Electric Power Take-Off : Push button to drive any attachments or accessories
  • Single Pressed Steel Body : Ensures strength and durability
  • Adjustable Seat : Sliding and height adjustable with armrests for extra operator comfort and safety.
  • Deck Heights : The cutter heights can be adjusted easily with the lightweight selection lever through 9 positions from 12 - 101 mm
  • Parking Brake : A must have safety feature the parking brake must be engaged to start the engine. 
  • Foot Operated Hydrostatic Transmission : Simply press the foot pedal to go quicker and ease off to slow down. A separate pedal controls the reverse action in the same way.
  • Bull bar : Fitted as standard the bull bar is bolted onto the tractor's chassis in front of the bonnet to prevent accidental impacts


  • Engine : Kawasaki Air Cooled Twin Cylinder OHV 4-stroke
  • Displacement : 726cc
  • Power : 16.6kW
  • Fuel : Unleaded petrol
  • Engine Oil : 10w-30
  • Drive : 4TRAC 4WD
  • Transmission : Hydrostatic
  • Deck Type : XRD Rear Discharge
  • Deck Size : 48 inch / 122cm
  • Deck Heights : 12mm - 101mm
  • Deck Positions : 9 increments
  • Grass Collector : Optional Extra
  • Adjustable Seat : Yes
  • Warranty : 3 Years Domestic (subject to servicing), 90 days commercial
  • This model replaces the T25 - 4WD from October 2014

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Westwood F250 4TRAC Garden Tractor with 48 Inch XRD Deck

  • Brand: Westwood
  • Product Code: WWF250122
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  • Our Price: £6,599.00

  • RRP: £6,999.00
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